About us

Through adversity came a life-changing opportunity…


I’m Gill Gannon and I am the owner of Wilde Interiors. I have spent 25 years helping other people manage their businesses, and am now following my passion to manage my own.

Married to Ed, and with 3 children, Tom, Patrick and Emma, I left the corporate world in 2015 after Patrick became very ill with chronic fatigue. Spending over a year out of the workforce, I decided that I no longer felt passion for what I had been doing. The balance in my world was severely out and my family were all running on a hamster wheel. Determined to help Patrick recover, I soon realised I needed to get the balance right in my own life before I could be useful to him.

I felt comfortable making decisions and recommendations for others, and realised it was time to do this for myself. I had always felt the desire to have a business that sold beautiful products and that made customers happy.

Along came Wilde Interiors, and now I am following my passion. I love sourcing beautiful homewares, accessories, and nursery items. I get such joy in getting to know my customers and what they want for their home and themselves.

My work/life balance could not be better, and my family are all involved with the business. Oh, and Patrick is 100% well.

Gill xxx