Mini Sherbet Fiizz

Pastels & Brights for your favourite little ones. (Colours may vary but always fun)


Made with soft Jersey cord (50cm) & safety breakaway closures to for your little ones safety.


As always when it comes to kids, parents need to make sure that their little ones are safe. We have made every effort to make these necklaces safe but there is always some risk with letting a little one wear a necklace, they are a possible choking hazard. Parents should inspect the necklaces often and always supervise small children when these are being worn - definitely not ok to wear them to bed.


Every bead has been hand rolled, crafted and baked in Melbourne. 

No two beads are the same. They will vary in size and shape but each bead is perfect in it's own unique way. They are handmade and that's what makes them special.


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