Croquet Family (4 Mallet)

After much work and frequent requests to add croquet to our range, we've done it. Croquet by Planet Finska. Fair to say, it took a lot more to get it right than we expected. At the snooty end, over priced croquet sets with posh names made quality croquet inaccessible and unnecessarily exclusive. That's a real shame because croquet is a seriously good game and in our view deserves wider appreciation. At the other end, low quality wooden balls, thin plastic hoops and mallets made from cheap pine hit the mark in terms of price but miss it completely in terms of design, playing experience and equipment that lasts. We hope our croquet range, custom designed and built from premium hardwood will open up this enormously fun game to Australians everywhere. We think quality well crafted croquet should be enjoyed as much in the backyard and local park, as it is on the croquet club lawn. In our view, that's now possible.

Our entry level croquet is the perfect way to kick start your long-term enjoyment of croquet. Great for both kids and adults, each set caters for 4 players with 4 custom hardwood mallets (head: 170mm x 50mm diameter; handle 22mm diam. x 800mm), 4 quality composite balls (70mm), 9 painted steel wickets (3.7mm) and 2 hardwood stakes (22mm diam. x 357mm). Yes, the balls are composite not wood! It comes neatly packed in a durable nylon bag and includes easy to follow official rules for both nine wicket backyard croquet and six wicket garden croquet.

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